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Tax Refunds Help

Tax Refunds Help - Възстановяване на данъци от САЩ, Англия и Ирландия!

Tax Refunds Help is the best choice for organizing your tax refund. We are the only company able to obtain a maximum refund for the shortest possible time for a fee of only 8% of the reclaimed amount. You receive original federal check!


Безплатна регистрация

After registering, you would receive a password granting access to your personal file providing detailed information for the status of your tax refund process. Registration is absolutely free!


Безплатна калкулация

Our clients receive maximum refund for the shortest possible time for a minimum fee. Tax Refunds Help would provide you with your original federal refund check. Correctness, professionalism and personal attitude guaranteed!

About us

8 years of successful business and thousands of happy customers, helped us build Tax Refunds Help and turn it into the best partner for obtaining your tax refund. It is not only the best price and service we could offer, but also the maximum refund amount.

Our main activity is reclamation of the taxes paid in advance from your USA, UK or Irish employment.

Tax Refunds Help is one of the very few companies examined and certified by the US tax authorities. We have won the trust of our clients and partners from all over the world by achieving 100% success when organizing their tax claims. Today Tax Refunds Help is an international company with offices and representatives in four continents. We have achieved all this due to the keys for success:

  • Our services are created extremely to meet our clients’ needs
  • We are the only one to claim the full tax amount for the shortest possible time
  • We offer the lowest price for the service “tax reclamation”
  • We provide 24 hours free tax consultations
  • Our partners are the most successful Work & Travel companies

Our Business

Tax Refunds Help is the best choice for organizing your tax refund. We are the only company able to obtain a maximum refund for the shortest possible time for a fee of only 8% of the reclaimed amount. No upfront payment, no hidden information – you receive your original federal check!

You will be able to check the current status if your personal file any time through our website. Тhe professionals from Tax Refunds Help team will estimate the amount of the taxes liable to refunding – a completely free service!

Designed especially for you

Tax Refunds Help has the pleasure to inform you, you can receive the amount of your refund directly into your bank account in Bulgaria for only 24 hours! This will save the time needed for cashing the check into Bulgarian bank which usually lasts 20-30 days.

This service would not cost you more than the standard bank fee for cashing a check and at the same time you receive your refund within 24 hours from opening your bank account. For proving our loyalty we will send you a scanned copy of your original check at the same time so you can yourself see the amount which has been sent as a refund by the tax authorities! Once the check for every separate type of tax has been received you would contacted and the procedure would be explained in further details.


Because of the increasing interest in working in the UK, the Tax Refunds Help team offers all clients reclamation of the overpaid taxes withheld while being employed there. Our specialists are at your disposal (click here for further details).

In addition

To all our service you receive:

  • Free calculation
  • 24 hours on-line status updates by personal username and password
  • Free tax consultations – how to get more of the paid tax refunded and how to pay less taxes in the USA
  • Application for the maximum possible refund
  • Receiving the check on the address chosen by you
  • Free delivery of your repayment claim to the US Tax Authorities office
  • For the people who keep an open account in an US bank, the option to have the overpaid taxes refunded to it within 45 days
  • Simple process and registration = more free time
  • No Upfront payment
  • Correctness and shortest possible terms
  • Original check issued by the US Tax Authorities with your name on it.


In order to make the process of getting your taxes back easier for you the team of US Tax Refunds Help will try to summarize the main features of the US income tax structure.

Every person who has been employed in the USA is obliged to pay taxes for the relevant period and submit income tax return. This concerns any individual staying in the USA regardless of his/hers work status (visa type). Upon receiving the remuneration from your employer, the taxes due would be withheld in advance and depending on their type - transferred to the relevant tax department. After the close of the current tax year, the US tax administration examines the returns and assesses the legal amount of income tax which could be reclaimed.

Federal Tax

The federal tax rate is the same for all US states. It is assessed annually by the Congress according to the common tax policy of the country. This tax is compulsory for every juridical and physical person working in the USA. Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is in charge of all proceedings related to the federal tax. All taxes and refunds go to or come from the federal budget.

State Tax

This tax rate varies for every state. In the common case the state tax rate would be lower than the federal one. There are some states where this type of tax is not applicable (Alaska). The rate is defined by the legislative authorities of each state. The state income tax is compulsory for everybody regardless the US sojourn status.

Social Security & Medicare Tax

All the revenues from these two types of taxes go to the federal budget and their rate is the same for all the states. Paying them is compulsory besides for the foreigners with students’ status. They are also called “FICA”.

Local Tax

The rate of this tax depends on the local authorities. These taxes are non-refundable (except for New York city).


After registration, you will receive personal password granting access to your file where you can follow up on the process of tax reclamation. Registration is completely free!

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For a precise estimation of your refund, please scan and send your W2 form and the last pay check for each employer by post or to the following e-mail: If it is impossible for you to the scan the necessary documents, please fill in the data shown on the documents into the field provided for comments below.

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Address: №26 L. Karavelov Str., Office 2,
Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Тел.: (+359 52) 60 72 76


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